The Lodge

Ichibi Lakeside Lodge is set on ten hectares of an old pine plantation.

As I sit here on the deck of Ichibi I am charged with the task of describing to you how truly beautiful and majestic this well kept secret is. How do you tell a blind man that the sky is blue?

Photography is my first friend but it struggles with the scale of being able to view three lakes in one shot, a battalion of pine trees that salute the mountains behind, and the constantly changing shadows of the clouds reflecting their own art form in the lake below! Audio is another of my allies, but how to reproduce the sound and thrill of hearing the Fish Eagles cry as they search for their breakfast?

Surrounded by natural bush and fynbos with only bush buck, turtles a crazy peacock,(that thinks he is a dog), and our two ‘real’ dogs as neighbors, the tranquility is tangible!

In the interior of the lodge we have continued this tranquility with simple natural materials to create a luxurious yet Zen like atmosphere.

Peace and privacy is a rarity in this hectic modern world.
Here at Ichibi our goal is to provide it.


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